Sunray Pleat

Sunray pleating style is most commonly distinguishable as THE Marilyn Munroe dress.

Sunray pleats will start from 6mm (1/4 inch) at the top (waist) and graduate out.

The longer the material (i.e the bigger the drop) the wider the pleats will become at the bottom (hem).  Our maximum width is 75mm (3 inches) at the bottom (hem).

Our maximum length is 180cm (6 ft) drop. Which is proudly THE BIGGEST sunray available in Australia and New Zealand. Amongst varying other designs the most common example of this length is demonstrated in a bridal train.

We have also experimented to combine other pleats and to date also offer a Sunray Treebark Pleat.

For detailed instructions of how to cut a sunray - please refer to our FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions.

Sunray pleating may interchangeably be called Sunburst Pleating.