Knife Pleat

Knife pleats are the most easily recognised and oldest of our traditional pleats.   They date back to the 15th century and are most commonly seen in kilts and school uniforms.

A 3:1 ratio should be applied when measuring material for knife pleating as these pleats will fold back onto themselves. 

We offer knife pleat sizes ranging from 3mm (1/8”) to 100mm (4”) with further sizes specifications if required. 

The material width ranges up to 1.4 metres although we can extend up to 2metres in width if required on special projects.   

The material should always be hemmed prior to pleating. 

We have also experimented to combine knife pleats with other pleats which are located in our non-traditional pleating pages i.e. two way knife pleat, knife and box pleat (together) pleat, two way knife and box pleat (together), knife and treebark (together) pleat and two way knife and treebark (together) pleat. Pleated 16 Gal.jpg