Accordion Pleat

Accordion pleats allow the material to move laterally, a good example is the accordion instrument, which is where these pleats take their name.

Accordion pleating is similar to sunray pleating however it is not graduated. Accordion pleats are "up and down pleats". 

We offer accordion pleat sizes ranging from 3mm (1/8”) to 100mm (4”) with further size specifications if required. 

The material width ranges up to 1.4 metres although we can extend up to 2metres in width if required on special projects.

Hemming prior to accordion pleating should be discussed with us prior to sampling. We note that if the material is not hemmed prior to pleating small pleats - the pleat may look "fluted" (i.e. the pleats aren’t as sharp and defined – often called waved). Pleat 18MN2.jpg