Treebark Pleating

Treebark Pleating

Treebark Pleating is a mixture of forward knife pleat, reverse knife pleat and box pleating. 

Whilst Treebark Pleating is an irregular pattern pleat the end result is still very much a neat uniform pleat.

In its varying forms it may also be referred to as broomstick pleating.

A ratio of 3:1 is resultant from Treebark Pleating ie 3 metres of fabric will become 1 metre of pleated Treebark.

Double Treebark Pleating

To achieve Double Treebark Pleating the garment or material is twice Treebark Pleated as suggests. 

 A ratio of approximately 4:1 is resultant from Double Treebark Pleating ie 4 metres of fabric will become 1 metre of pleated Treebark

Sunray Treebark Pleat

Another unique use of Treebark Pleating is to then place the Pleated Treebark material in a sunray pattern.  Also pictured in our Sunray Pleating area of the gallery.  

Two Way Treebark Pleating

Two way treebark pleating is  a two step process which results in the  material appearing chequered.  Interestingly, many customers utliise this as the pleating is very well defined on both the front and reverse of the material/garment. Pleat 3MN.jpg