Crush Pleating

Essentially Crush pleating has two distinct types - vertical crush and all over crush.

This can be easily imagined as ordinarily what your clothes look like after sitting in the bottom of the washing basket for quite some time.

Depending upon the type of material used - varying effects can be achieved with a tight or loose crush (all over) and/or with small or larger spacing (for vertical crush).

Crush pleating can either be performed on either blocks of material, material on the roll or on individual finished garments.

Many manufacturers and designers often crush a garment either vertically or all over to provide a different 'finish and look' of what could possibly be a 'plainer' finish.

Many of our customers offer (for instance) a singlet top as it would ordinarily be made with a smooth finished look and a crushed singlet top (either vertically or all over) which changes the final 'look' of the garment.

Sometimes customers find that they have only a few sizes of a particular line of clothes left and to move it a little quicker they add a depth/different look to the garment with vertical or all over crush. Over Crush Pleat Main.jpg