Types of Pleats Offered

Pleating is essentially a fold in material made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing into place with the assistance of a steam heat process – absolutely NO chemicals are used in our services.

We offer a wide range of both Traditional and Non-Traditional Pleats including:

1. Traditional pleating services:

Sunray Pleat

Knife Pleat

Box Pleat

Accordion Pleat

Combined traditional Pleats i.e. Knife and Box Together

 2. Non-traditional and modern pleating services:


Vertical Crush Pleating

Double Vertical Crush Pleating

Triple Vertical Crush Pleating

All Over Crush Pleating

Double All Over Crush Pleating

Triple All Over Crush Pleating


Tree Bark Pleat

Double Treebark Pleat

Triple Treebark Pleat

Sunray Treebark Pleat

 Two way pleats

Two way Knife Pleat

Two way Box Pleat

Two way Treebark Pleat

Two way Knife and Box (together) Pleat

Two way Knife and Treebark (together) Pleat

Two Way Bamboo Pleat

Two Way Wave Pleat

 Other pleats

Spiderweb Pleat

Bamboo Pleat

Two Way Bamboo Pleat

Bamboo Accordion Pleat

Snake Skin Pleat

Tyre Tread Pleat

Wave Pleat

Two Way Wave Pleat

Knife and Box (together) Pleat

Knife and Treebark (together) Pleat


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