Holly Branson

Jane Hill

Mar 30, 2013

Wedding Dress of Holly Branson - designed and made by Jane Hill with pleating by Specialty Pleaters (Australia)

The Australian designer has long been an iconic and leading figure in the bridal industry.

Jane Hill offers the best personalised and individual service with studios in both Melbourne & London.

From an except of Nikole Ramsay interviewing Jane Hill regarding "the Holly Branson Wedding Dress".

If you could choose any bride in the world to dress, who would it be and why? I would have loved to dress the Duchess of Cambridge. Before the royal wedding, I illustrated some designs and one was on the wall in my London studio. The design was spotted by Holly Branson (Richard Branson’s daughter) who is also one of the Duchess’ good friends. Holly fell in love with it and was inspired for a Jane Hill design for her own wedding day!

Can you tell me about a high profile bride that you have designed for? Was there a particularly memorable bride or dress that really stood out for you? The Branson wedding was very memorable. Holly was wonderful to work with and I also designed an ‘after party’ dress for her. I dressed her five bridesmaids, three flower girls and her mother, Joan Branson. It was a difficult brief, “English girl marries on a tropical island” so we were thrilled when it was well received by the press and public