Why Us?

Whilst we pride ourselves on working with many renowned brands and fashion labels through our expansive customer list  – we always respect every client and NO JOB is too small.  We’re more than happy to offer guidance and assistance when and as required. 

We have a diverse range of traditional, non traditional and modern pleats and also welcome the ability to work with you to design a new/custom pleat that you may desire.

Over our 80+ years of experience, Specialty Pleaters have serviced an inordinate amount of customers large and small.  Due to Privacy rules and customer’s intellectual property we are unable to share our varied and esteemed list of customers, save for our generous and extremely loyal customers whom have willingly and generously allowed us to use their names and finished garment photos on our website. 

 Take some time out - come into the factory and see many of our sample pieces and talk to us – you’ll never know how you’ll be inspired!!

Better yet – forward your pictures of finished garments to us and we’ll place them on our Website, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Instagram – you never know where it will lead for you and us!!


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