About us

Specialty Pleaters (Australia) originally started it’s humble beginnings in the rear of the original family’s home in Fitzroy in the 1930s, proudly passing through three generations.

Through providing superior service to our customers, 80+ years of experience and commitment to excellence we have deservedly earnt the reputation of rendering exceptional pleating services to our customers by successfully and continually steadily striving to improve and innovate.

Specialty Pleaters services a diverse range of customers in the ‘rag trade’ and specialise in pleating fashion and couture, sportswear, school uniforms, wedding, bridal and bridesmaid dresses with sunray, knife, accordion, box, treebark, vertical and all over crush pleating to name a few.

Our diverse range of customers largely include manufacturers and designers in the ‘rag trade’ industry including:

  • Clothing manufacturers
  • Fashion designers and Couture
  • Bridal, Bridesmaid, Evening gown, Wedding and Debutante dress manufacturers
  • Maternity clothing manufacturers
  • Children’s Wear
  • School uniform manufacturers
  • Sports uniform manufacturers
  • Milliners
  • Dressmakers and home hobbyists
  • Fashion Students
  • Sewing schools
  • Tailors
  • Film, Advertising and Event Management companies
  • Theatrical costumiers
  • Ballroom, Ballet and varied dance costumiers
  • Interior Designers, Window Dressers and Visual Merchandisers
  • Lamps and Lighting Designers and Manufacturers
  • Curtain and Blind Designers and Manufacturers
  • Handbags, Luggage and Apparel Designers and Manufacturers
  • Dry cleaners
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